Hosam (Sam) Bader

CEO and Owner at Horizon Construction Team LLC.

Hosam (Sam) Bader, CEO and owner at Horizon Construction Team LLC, based in Bridgeview, Illinois, is a 20 year experienced in Residential and Commercial Constructions for the Chicago and neighboring suburban areas. He has worked every aspect of the industry, representing clients in both residential and commercial market. Sam specializes in applying his expertise and market knowledge in residential and commercial constructions to help his clients make sound decisions.

Sam is exceptionally well respected, not only for his unparalleled professional track record and high ethical standards but for being an honest, hardworking family man who does absolutely everything in his power for his client’s success in closing property transactions

To ensure efficient, complete service for you, he is finest Constructor offering seamless assistance to you in every aspect of residential or commercial construction.

Our Speciality

We at Horizon Construction LLC understand that projects that finish on-time and on-budget are the result of thorough planning, and the anticipation and quick resolution of potential issues before construction begins. We expertise in pre-construction consulting services which is based on years of industry experience, and the skills and knowledge of our pre-construction team.

Our goal has always been to play a key role in bringing the client’s outstanding project vision and to work in tandem with our design associates to make that happen. We do this by classifying the possible construction challenges, developing consistent extenuation strategies and then safeguarding all issues are addressed in a direct and clear way. We do this by diligent oversight of project development, budget management and the application of strict safety measures.

At Horizon Constructions LLC, we pride ourselves on delivering our clients more than they anticipate. If you already have drawings or an architect and you’re ready to construct, we’re here to get the job finished. And we’ll bring an excellent project with a problem-free experience. We have the past performance to prove it.

All construction projects, irrespective of size or type, need a team who can manage a variety of services. Also, this needs to be done in such a way that the designers, architects, engineers, and project owners all work together. All need to communicate with one another in a highly efficient and effective manner.


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