Design Build Contractual Company in Bridgeview Illinois


It can be said that design build a simple method of construction. Horizon Construction Team, working together from start to finish. It’s the concept that when owners sit at the same table with architects and builders, engineers and estimators, great ideas, concepts and designs are made.

Design Build is all about working with efficiency created within the design phase, thereby minimizing on-site labor.

With a Design Build project, Horizon Constructions LLC acts as the Design Build Contractor. We take on the accountability of obtaining and handling all architectural, engineering, and construction services. All associates in the process become participants in the project. Subcontractors design the structures and construction methods that they will assure and maintain, resulting more reliable and long lasting result.

We emphasize on constructing an efficient process by evaluating client requirements in detail with architectural and engineering design, valuing, and physical construction. By overlying the design and construction stages of the project, the Design-Build process hurries up the project expressively compared to conventional Bid-Build.

In addition, client risks are diminished with Horizon Constructions LLC as the single-point for responsibility of the entire project, from start to finish.

Traditional Project Delivery

Design Build

Owner need to manage two distinct contracts; owner becomes middleman, resolving differences among the designer and the contractor. Designer and contractor can easily blame each other for cost overruns and other problems.


Design Build Project Delivery

Design Build

Owner manages only one contract with a single point of responsibility; designer and contractor are on the same team, providing unified recommendations. Changes are addressed by Design-Build entity, not used as excuses.