Pre-Construction Consulting Bridgeview Illinois

We know the success of any project pivots on the best use of time before construction begins. Pre-construction consulting helps clients develop accurate project goals related to scope, budget, schedule and level of quality.

Our early-on management style supports the best resources for all features of every project. Our field-tested methodology works in combination with our client’s requirements and opportunities to develop a plan and an implementation schedule that saves time and money while ensuring well-timed and successful conclusion of the client’s project.

We at Horizon Construction LLC understand that projects that finish on-time and on-budget are the result of thorough planning, and the anticipation and quick resolution of potential issues before construction begins. We expertise in pre-construction consulting services which is based on years of industry experience, and the skills and knowledge of our pre-construction team.

We have full service internal competences. From value engineering, pre-construction planning, to full project assessing, schedule analysis, site analysis and overall management between Contractor, Client, and Architect. We provide the hassle free service of putting things in place for what, when, who and where of project, inception through actual construction.

We assist our clients with the transformation of ideas into a well-conceived strategy that emphasizes results. Our pre-construction planning strategies use an open-book, team approach to organize all the interrelated elements of a project into a logical sequence.

Pre-construction services begin in the conceptual stages of projects that require sophisticated planning and strategies. Before construction has begun, we create a master plan for the project – including schedule, cost estimating, materials and methods. We perform pre-construction consulting services on approximately 70 percent of our projects. Our clients realize that investing in this stage returns a smoother project with fewer unknowns and better overall results.